Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The Plum Tree Race

Ok, the race is on.

I have two cherry trees in my garden and this year although the branches were arched with the weight of fruit, I enjoyed TWO cherries.
I love cherries, but decided to wait until they were just perfectly ripe before picking.

Every day I went out and looked at them, thinking perhaps tomorrow.
Then one day both trees were completely stripped of fruit.
The early birds got my cherries. :(

No one will have my plums!
Unless I say so.
I love plum jam and plum chutney, plum crumble and plum...... well, anything actually.

I sat under the plum tree today and now I'm watching those plums like a hawk.

I just need the sun to shine on these little beauties, turn them pink, and then - they will be mine!!!


  1. Yo keep watching those plums and I'll just sit hear listening to these old time favourites!!
    Looking forward to next Wednesday - my Blog Slave!!
    Lynne x

  2. I will, I daren't take my eye off them!
    hee, hee!

  3. I do hope you can have a nice plum harvest. Too bad about the cherries. I learned about Ranier cherries on one of the blogs I visit and they are wonderful - maybe better than the dark red (bing?) cherries.

    Your blog background is very pretty.

  4. Oh, good luck - we have just netted over our grapevine, which is on a pergola, which made for some interesting tangles before we got it right! The birds were going for each grape as it became ripe, so that only green ones were left on otherwise naked bunches.

    Old CDs hung on the tree make quite a good deterent if you have any, but saying that, they weren't enough for our grapes...

  5. Thank you Floss,
    Love all my lovely blog friends with great advice!

  6. My husband said the plums are incredible! I'm thinking yum yum!

  7. The same thing happened to my cherry tree this year, I don't know how to prevent it. Maybe if I use the netting. Trouble is the tree is about 25 ft high. How does one get up there? LOL I hope you can get the plums! Love your blog, thanks for visiting me, I enjoyed your comment. Come back soon.