Saturday, 18 April 2009

Am I busy, did you say???

Well, I am run off my feet.
My business has really started I have been making, baking and creating.
Yes my friends in blog land, I have hardly got time to boil a kettle, never mind drink a cup of tea!
I am loving it - my sewing machine is out, there are scraps of fabric everywhere - where am I?
Right in the middle of it - complete sewing bliss.

My candles are made, I'm waiting for the right time to unveil them to the world.
The smells wafting through my kitchen are of; freshly cut grass, highland heather and baby powder - could you want more?

I appreciate each day that passes and I am grateful.

Isn't it utter joy to hang out washed clothes on a sunny, blowy day?

A bed with freshly laundered and crisply ironed bed linen - isn't it just???

Anyway, a cup of hot tea and bed.