Tuesday, 30 March 2010

As My Mum Always Says

"If you think you've got it..............

..........You've got it!"

So here is to all the beautiful girls at the 'Gin and Teacups'
Fair on Sunday.

Wonderful to meet you all.

You looked fabulous!

and just in case you are wondering.......

You positively have it!


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Gin in Teacups

Wendy-House will be at a lovely Vintage Fayre:

Gin in Teacups

28th March 2010
Greenside Hotel, Leslie, Fife
12 - 10pm

This sounds like such a lovely event for all you vintage and hand-made fans.

I hope you can make it, I would love to see you there.

There will also be fabulous vintage re-worked clothes and jewellery.

Why not bring your friends along too!


Tuesday, 9 March 2010

WOW - Awards for Wendy-House!

Sunshine Award from Mrs Mac at
Dizzy Izzy Handmade

Prolific Blogger Award from Andrea and Sitka at
All Gods Creatures

The Circle of Friends Award from Annie at
Vintage at the Corner House

I will wear them and pin them on with pride!

Thank you for these awards, how kind of you to think of me.

As always with these awards, please forgive me for changing the rules slightly!

I am happy for anyone I follow to take these awards, I follow you all because I think you are fabulous!


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Mothering Sunday

When I was just a little girl, I asked my Mother, "What will I be?"
"Will I be pretty?"
"Will I be rich?"

"Que Serra, Serra - what ever will be, will be"

Time to say thank you to Mum for all those childhood memories!

Buy the card, spending hours choosing just the right one!

Perhaps book an appointment at the local salon as a treat for her.

Give her breakfast in bed.

She would love this.


or even just......

Spoil her with;

Book somewhere nice for lunch.

Try this, it's simply divine darling....

She deserves it.

* * *

But for me?

I'd be happy curled up with a nice cup of 'rosie',

and the breakfast I want is in my DVD player.

"A little of what you fancy!"