Friday, 19 February 2010

It's TOO Late For Me - Save Yourself!!!

Dear Friends

This is a warning!

It always happens around this time of year, I go into my local shop - innocently purchasing a newspaper or magazine.

NEVER suspecting what I will find lurking by the till.

Yes...... you know it;

They are so pretty - all shinny and little and perfectly shaped.

They seem innocent enough.

I remember now, I'm really rather fond of these

I mean honestly, what harm would one do?

I allow my mind to drift back to those carefree days of yore when I enjoyed the decadent Cadbury's chocolate on the outside, that thick first mouthful of silky melting smoothness, then, yes my friends, then the decadence of the oozing fondant beneath!

I slip my hand to hover over the box;
will I - won't I, will I - won't I,
one can't hurt, they are very little.

They are merely a child's sweet/candy and I am an adult and fully in control of my actions.

I make decisions for myself!
But it's too late,

Yes my friends it's too late for me - but if you haven't tasted that first egg yet, just think of me!
I'm on around TWO a day now, well sometimes three.... ok, ok,
FOUR on a bad day.

I am now including them in my grocery shop, buying them in family quantities - with no intention of sharing them with my family.

They have got me, good and proper!



Saturday, 6 February 2010

Soothing Camomile

It is said that camomile is a common herb with a long history of safe and effective medicinal use - it is widely used as a household herbal remedy. It is particularly useful as a remedy for various problems of the digestive system, as a sedative and a nervine and is especially suited for young children.

This beautiful glass shaped dish has an organic soya wax candle infused with camomile, which is so soothing and beneficial for all the family to burn in your home.

Just what you need after a hard day to help relax all the stresses away.

Looks really luxurious too in any room of your home, from the dining room, sitting room or bathroom!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Calorie Free Liquorice Allsorts

So we have snow again!

Isn't this hand knitted game of draughts/checkers just the perfect thing to do on a cold winters evening?

This is a beautifully made one off piece and is for sale in the Wendy-House shop.

It is exquisitely made, and every little piece is beautifully hand knitted.
Even the board is knitted!

It is the perfect gift for someone special who loves liquorice allsorts, and let's face it - who doesn't love liquorice allsorts.
What is it about them, you can NEVER just eat one!


Cup Cake Valentine Heart

Celebrating Valentines Day?
Why not
do it
Heart Topped Cup Cake Candle?

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A Warm Heart

Love heart, love candles.

Especially scented organic candles.
Once you have enjoyed this lovely candle, the trinket dish is just adorable sitting on your dressing table holding all your favourite trinkets.
The scent is of the freshest cut rhubarb.
Different and Divine, Darling!
Why not order one from Wendy-House as a special Valentines treat for yourself.
I think you deserve it.

Have a look in my little shop for other goodies!

Monday, 1 February 2010

The Month of Love

For all us hopeless romantics......
at last......

our month is here!

So get on the phone and make some plans,

Start sending or leaving little messages,

Get baking special treats,

Set the scene,

Then enjoy all this wonderful month has in store!