Saturday, 30 May 2009



Love that bag, Cowgirl!

You will by now realise how much I adore all things vintage.

Fabric, is of course - no exception.

I am always on the look out for vintage/retro look fabrics. When I bought this fabric I thought I was going to make it into home furnishings of some kind. A visit from a friend to the wendy-house saw it entirely different to me and commissioned this bag, and here it is!

I'm thrilled with how it turned out, and adore the fact that we all see things differently, no rights or wrongs, just differently.

No matter what this fabric is made into, it makes you smile. :)

Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Seaside

We have waited a long time, but you know - I don't think summer is very far away!

The sun feels warmer and I am thinking about picnics, trips to the sea side and of course barbecues.

This is a beautiful vintage look seaside bucket, like we made sand castles with when we were little. Instead of sand this has been filled with a 3 wick organic wax candle and scented with citronella to keep away our 'unwanted guests' in those heady summer evenings in the garden, or at the beach. Citronella is of course a natural insect repellent, but actually has a lovely lemon scent.

The bucket alone stands 14 cm high without the handle, approx 24cm with handle up and 15cm across the top.

Price £ 15

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Margaret G Laskie - Cookery, 1965

Don't you just love old books, the linen look hard-back cover in its self is tantalising then you open it and there it is, ah........ the smell, I love the smell of old books, the smell alone excites me before I have even read a single word.
This book in particular is a 'gem', it is full of all the things Mother should have taught you in the 1960's.
It's a vintage 'young ladies cookery book' which I have for sale in the wendy-house, it is the most adorable thing to read. In this particular page it tells you exactly what you need for setting the table for a dinner for 4, then below how to set an afternoon tea table. Don't you just adore the thought of a 'properly' set afternoon tea table? Which starts by telling you, your 'Requirements'
Tray, traycloth, tea-cosy, 3 cups, 3 saucers, 3 teaspoons, sugar basin, cream jug and slop bowl.
2 cork mats (for tea-pot and hot water jug).
Teacloth for table, 3 tea napkins (not ever to be confused with dinner napkins, or breakfast napkins, obviously - W;) )
Cakestand with plates and d'oyleys (spelling as per book),
teapot and hot water just in kitchen.
See diagram at bottom of page just in case you were not sure how to use 'said' requirements.
I think in the 1960's they really knew about style.
However every time I find myself joyfully reading a book like this the voice in my head reading every word seems to be of a 1960's BBC presenter!
I love that, wanted to share it with you.

Price £4.50 + P&P (sadly I only have 1 for sale)

Saturday, 23 May 2009

My Little Shop

This is the week I will get my little studio/workshop up and running, hopefully!
I'm so excited about the prospect of opening up to my friends and their friends.
In my last blog I spoke of someone shopping with me yesterday, however the studio is utter chaos at the moment.
It's gloriously hectic here, but it's always a pleasure to have people visit the wendy-house :)

Friday, 22 May 2009

Jessies Cup Cake

I have had such a lovely day today, as I was busy in my kitchen I was visited by one of my dearest little friends, Jessie.
Jessie came to shop at my wendy-house and spent her pocket money on a knitted cup cake, these are proving to be very popular at the moment with ladies of all ages and at only £3 what a fabulous treat!
Nearly as sweet as you Jessie........ but not quite.
Love you!

Old Cottage Garden Roses

This beautiful circa 1940 china rose tureen is a stunning centre piece for any table.

Inside the 4 wick organic candle is infused with the heady aroma
of old cottage garden roses.

What could be more perfect to add to your home for that final vintage flourish.


Thursday, 21 May 2009

Art Deco Tureen

This is a stunning Art Deco tureen.

Inside it has a 5 wick organic soy candle scented with the evocative fragrance of earl grey tea.

This is such a beautiful piece, again a one off.
It would look fabulous in the centre of your coffee table, kitchen or dinning table as a centre piece.

The price for this unique item is £40

Sending a Gift

Perhaps I should mention that I would be happy to post anything you see on my blog.
If you want to order for yourself, no problem I can post to all UK post codes for £3.50.

However if you want to send a gift to someone, I can gift wrap it, pop in a little card with a message from you and post it.

They will not know how much you paid for it as I will not include an invoice if I know it's a gift.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Mediterranean Fig

This stunning blue cup has been filled with soy wax to make this lovely organic candle.

It is infused with the scent of Mediterranean figs.

I only have one of these, there is something really special about a one off piece. They are always so hard to part with. I love this cup, hope you do too.

This exquisite cup is a thing of beauty and long after your candle has gone, will still be, a joy forever.


China by night.....

One of my beautiful little china cups sitting in front of a mirror.

The glow from lovely old china at night is delightful.

If you have a large mirror and place three or five of these in a row it gives the most stunning effect.

If the candles are also scented, the ambiance this adds to an evening is simply breathtaking.

Please let me know if you try it!

Old Vintage China Cups

I adore old vintage china cups.

There is something so beautiful about old china.

This cup and saucer are circa 1940.

It is a fine china with an organic soy candle, infused with old tea roses.

Burning this candle evokes memories of an old cottage garden in the early evening, or just after the rain, when the scent is at it's most heady.



May I introduce........... Chester.

Yes, I know what you are thinking!

I agree, he is the most gorgeous dog in the entire world.

He is my buddy, one of my favourite things in the whole world is when I'm out walking with him. Or rather, when I'm walking and he is running around like crazy chasing his stick which he likes me to throw for him.

He LOVES to swim, and I LOVE him.

He is also very good at posing for the camera!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Totally Retro

I think this totally retro cup and saucer are adorable.

Obviously circa 1960!

Soooooooo Swinging Sixties.

This beautiful organic candle would be fabulous in the funkiest of homes.

At only £10 it's a totally groovy bargain!

Organic Tea Cup Candle

This is a lovely tea cup filled with organic soy wax infused with old tea roses.

A beautiful candle, as you can see the cup and saucer are a stunning shape and design, with lovely pink roses with a subtle gold rim.

The design is circa 1940, so long after you have enjoyed your rose scented candle, you will delight in your vintage china cup and saucer for many years.

An exquisite gift for someone special or something for you to spoil yourself with.


Monday, 18 May 2009

No bake, calorie free, cup cakes

On a diet?

No calorie, no bake, knitted cup cakes are the answer.

Only £3.50 each, they stand 6 1/2cm wide and 9 1/2cm from the bottom to their little cherry top.

These will brighten up any kitchen, they are great to keep in a glass domed cake dish too, so when you don't have 'real cakes', these always look good.

Rainy Mondays

Rainy Mondays could be the worst if you allow them.

At this time of year our thoughts have turned to summer, and sunshine, and for me - the garden.

I adore my garden, I aspire to be one of these people who open their garden for charity.
Of course I doubt this will ever happen as I have so many other things to do, I always have a garden project going on in at least one section.

When it rains it allows me to catch up with my jobs inside, I think it's natures way of making sure I clean the house and iron in the summer months.

So today it rained and...................... I baked.

But tomorrow if it rains, I will definitely clean the house :)

Cup Cake Candles

These beautiful organic candles have been made in retro cup cake cases with their own little cup cake lid.

They are delicately scented with essential oil, so will make the room smell beautiful.

Once you have enjoyed your candle, just wash out the container and you are left with a delightful trinket dish.

How can you resist?

Knitted Cup Cake

Truly scrumptious!

Not one single calorie to worry about with these cup cakes.

They look so sweet on a cake plate on your kitchen table, or three in a row on a shelf.

They are hand knitted and only £3.50 each, how can you resist?

Pretty Things for Sale

Pretty little House Keeping books.

Inside they have little squares for your sums - like your old school arithmetic jotter!

Only these are hard back and covered in the loveliest of gingham fabric and hand embroidered.

They are 12cm x 17cm,
and couldn't be sweeter

They are only £ 6 each and a little retro treasure!

Great gift idea for those who need to keep note of their spending during the 'credit crunch!'

Sunday, 17 May 2009 vintage candles

These are some of my organic scented candles.

Made by me, exclusively for

They are mostly vintage finds, filled lovingly in my kitchen with beautiful organic soy wax and scented with fragrant essential oils.

Once you have had the pleasure of watching your china cup glow with the warmth of the candle, and enjoyed the beautiful scent, you are left with a lovely vintage cup to treasure.

Or why not try my oh so cute cup cake candles with lid which can later be used as a very sweet trinket dish.


Sunday mornings.

Sunday papers in bed.

Steaming, hot coffee.

Family together.

Sunday lunch.


Perfect day.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

My little business is coming on a treat!

I am at present working on my web-site.

Converting a garden building into a little studio/shop.

I have decided to open every Friday and Saturday to enable locals to shop with me.

I am also having my wendy house painted and soon will be able to sit in there and sew whilst looking out at my garden. Bliss!

I have made lots of organic candles this week in various vintage containers.

I feel I have truly earned my tea and cake this week.

Everything stops for..........

Someone said to me the other day;
" I have lots of china cups and saucers at home they just stay at the back of the cupboard."

She then said;
" I always just use a mug, but I prefer to drink my tea out of a china cup and saucer, it's so much nicer."

I said;
"Don't you think you are worth it?"

Baking Day


Love baking cup cakes.

Love eating cup cakes.

Love sharing cup cakes.

Love even just looking at cup cakes.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

My first Fair

I did my first fair on Sunday.
It was a holistic weekend so not entirely sure it was my target audience, but I did ok. I had some really lovely comments about my items.
I need to get to craft/antique fairs, as my stock is building up, I can't stop making and creating.

I have decided to open up one of the garden buildings as my work-shop, so I can display my work and friends, and their friends can come and shop with me at my little wendy-house in the garden.

I make scented eco friendly candles in vintage china - and I adore it.
I adore every wick I trim to fit exactly into the pretty china cups I line up - waiting to transform their lives into a once again adored object. I love pouring the hot wax into the cup and watching it settle, I get excited about choosing which fragrance or essential oil to add as I want to match each scent to each cup.

I love every book cover I lovingly sew on plain old ordinary notebooks, turning them into what I consider to be a thing of beauty.
That is the point, everything can be improved on!
Is everything a thing of beauty to someone?

I will soon start my web page: