Wednesday, 6 May 2009

My first Fair

I did my first fair on Sunday.
It was a holistic weekend so not entirely sure it was my target audience, but I did ok. I had some really lovely comments about my items.
I need to get to craft/antique fairs, as my stock is building up, I can't stop making and creating.

I have decided to open up one of the garden buildings as my work-shop, so I can display my work and friends, and their friends can come and shop with me at my little wendy-house in the garden.

I make scented eco friendly candles in vintage china - and I adore it.
I adore every wick I trim to fit exactly into the pretty china cups I line up - waiting to transform their lives into a once again adored object. I love pouring the hot wax into the cup and watching it settle, I get excited about choosing which fragrance or essential oil to add as I want to match each scent to each cup.

I love every book cover I lovingly sew on plain old ordinary notebooks, turning them into what I consider to be a thing of beauty.
That is the point, everything can be improved on!
Is everything a thing of beauty to someone?

I will soon start my web page:


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