Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Margaret G Laskie - Cookery, 1965

Don't you just love old books, the linen look hard-back cover in its self is tantalising then you open it and there it is, ah........ the smell, I love the smell of old books, the smell alone excites me before I have even read a single word.
This book in particular is a 'gem', it is full of all the things Mother should have taught you in the 1960's.
It's a vintage 'young ladies cookery book' which I have for sale in the wendy-house, it is the most adorable thing to read. In this particular page it tells you exactly what you need for setting the table for a dinner for 4, then below how to set an afternoon tea table. Don't you just adore the thought of a 'properly' set afternoon tea table? Which starts by telling you, your 'Requirements'
Tray, traycloth, tea-cosy, 3 cups, 3 saucers, 3 teaspoons, sugar basin, cream jug and slop bowl.
2 cork mats (for tea-pot and hot water jug).
Teacloth for table, 3 tea napkins (not ever to be confused with dinner napkins, or breakfast napkins, obviously - W;) )
Cakestand with plates and d'oyleys (spelling as per book),
teapot and hot water just in kitchen.
See diagram at bottom of page just in case you were not sure how to use 'said' requirements.
I think in the 1960's they really knew about style.
However every time I find myself joyfully reading a book like this the voice in my head reading every word seems to be of a 1960's BBC presenter!
I love that, wanted to share it with you.

Price £4.50 + P&P (sadly I only have 1 for sale)


  1. I think the book sounds awesome. I really don't believe and it's sad to think, younger ladies aren't that interested in manners. The proper way of doing things, the value of doing things a certain way. Not all young ladies but a lot of them. At least that seems to be the case here in the US. I grew up with my grandmother and you were dress in your best just to go to the market. It's wonderful to enjoy a good book. Thank you for sharing. Vicky

  2. Hi, how much would the postage be and do you ship to the USA? Thank you for your sweet words on my blog, don't look now, but I am following you....

  3. Hi Glenda,
    Welcome on board, good to have you!
    I'm not sure how much it would be to ship to America, I'm not out to make money from postage, so if you let me know what you like I could have it priced at the post office, it's in the village just round the corner so it's no trouble. :)