Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Perfect Christmas!

Having done most of my Christmas shopping on-line
 I do have to wonder if some of the joy of wrapping up warm
and actually walking - yes, walking to the shops
(remember that?)
has been lost.

It's lovely to come home freezing cold from the shops and sit in front of the stove with
a hot cup of mulled wine.

Get the mixer out and bake, filling the entire house with glorious aromas

Always remembering 'cooks cocktail treat'

Is the preparation the best part?

You see I have this image of how Christmas should be

But is Christmas really ever how we imagine it's going to be???

Be honest - 
do you think smothered in brandy,
lashings of marzipan and
a couple of inches of icing.....

They'll really notice???

Isn't it the thought that counts?????

A rather despondent,

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  1. Your posts are so cute...! Have a lovely day!Lisa