Monday, 7 June 2010

Our Kitchen

 There is something comforting about a kitchen table.

A place where so much happens,
the world gets put to right here,
over good food and a bottle of wine
a huge pot of tea!


Cooking, baking, chopping, preparing - 

I love being in my kitchen.

Especially when my friends are round sitting at the island
chatting sharing a bottle of wine, a coffee or my favourite - a cocktail!
While I make some nibbles.

I adore having good friends in my kitchen!



  1. Your kitchen is gorgeous, no wonder you love being there. I would never leave the house if I had a kitchen that fab x

  2. What a gorgeous kitchen to go with such a gorgeous house!!!!

    Love all of the kitchenware that you have hanging over the island unit.

    Kerry xxxx

  3. Actually I adore your kitchen too..!