Thursday, 22 April 2010

Be Our Guest

Spring is such a lovely time in the garden with spring bulbs bursting into bloom, 

but we have a special little visitor this year, and I'm so excited.

I put bird boxes all over the Wendy-House garden a few years back and they have just been ornaments until now.

Apart from an awful incident last year when a swarm of wasps decided to call one of them home - very unpleasant!

However this Spring I have been taking tea in the summer house and watching a darling little blue tit make one of our houses it's home.

I feel honoured!



  1. Such sweet little visitors. How lovely. Hope they stay. We keep getting nesting blackbirds but no blue tits as yet.

  2. Hello Winnibriggs, I also adore blackbirds - they always have big personalities!
    If any of you haven't popped over to Winnibriggs House - do it now, such a lovely blog.

  3. They are so pretty!! We had them nest one year!! it was wonderful to watch them in and out feeding babies!!!

  4. Hi Wendy! Such a sweet little visitor you have! Cute as the dickens too! Now keep an ear out for those very low little "cheep-cheeps" of the babies that hopefully will come! I have a birdhouse over my front porch that the sparrows use every year. Always two batches of babies come...and we don't sit on the porch for most of the summer so as not to scare them! That's okay though, I can watch them from my kitchen window, and that makes me happy! Enjoy your cute little friend! xo Paulette