Friday, 19 February 2010

It's TOO Late For Me - Save Yourself!!!

Dear Friends

This is a warning!

It always happens around this time of year, I go into my local shop - innocently purchasing a newspaper or magazine.

NEVER suspecting what I will find lurking by the till.

Yes...... you know it;

They are so pretty - all shinny and little and perfectly shaped.

They seem innocent enough.

I remember now, I'm really rather fond of these

I mean honestly, what harm would one do?

I allow my mind to drift back to those carefree days of yore when I enjoyed the decadent Cadbury's chocolate on the outside, that thick first mouthful of silky melting smoothness, then, yes my friends, then the decadence of the oozing fondant beneath!

I slip my hand to hover over the box;
will I - won't I, will I - won't I,
one can't hurt, they are very little.

They are merely a child's sweet/candy and I am an adult and fully in control of my actions.

I make decisions for myself!
But it's too late,

Yes my friends it's too late for me - but if you haven't tasted that first egg yet, just think of me!
I'm on around TWO a day now, well sometimes three.... ok, ok,
FOUR on a bad day.

I am now including them in my grocery shop, buying them in family quantities - with no intention of sharing them with my family.

They have got me, good and proper!




    Now you have really done it...guess what I'm hankering after now!!????
    Oh man!!
    Oh well.....I'll join the club!!!
    Annie x

  2. I LOVE them!!! Luckily I can't go out on my own yet.... I can still resist!!! Phew!!!

  3. Thank you for making me giggle this morning.
    Blessings, andrea

  4. Oh Wendy, how funny!!! Thanks for starting my day with a big laugh! Somehow, I can't picture you stuffing down those little eggs! hee hee hee! ....they are yummy! ;D xoxo

  5. I have had one nearly every day since Christmas and I thought that was good going until I read your post!! Yesterday I bought a Sainsbury's Cream Egg easter eggs for £1 and you get two cream eggs plus of course, the chocolate easter egg and I think that is really good value considering one cream egg is about 48p!
    Have a good weekend.

  6. Oh I have to avoid! I really like the mini ones too they have a perfect choclate/fondant ratio!

  7. We solved the problem by emigrating! The boys and I had one each at Bristol airport this holidays, and bought a six-pack for Easter Day itself. Now the challenge is to keep the pack hidden (from me) until the big day!