Monday, 21 September 2009

My Baking Bible

When I was growing up I loved to bake.
Everything I baked in my early years came from this little book, which I was recently given a copy of. This is the actual version which my mouth watering (sometimes!) efforts came from.
It was a little gem!
If you contact Be-Ro you can get a new up-to-date version.
With none of the 'helpful advice' for the woman of the house!
However I'll stick with this one - a stroll down my baking-memory lane.


  1. Wonderful! I used to cook from the Pennywise Cookbook from British Dairies (I think it was them anyway - definitely another advertising one). I asked my mum for her copy of it when I left home - I didn't feel I could really set up home withough those brilliant early '70s children's pages. When we got married in 1990 we saved up Stork wrappers (euch) for a Stork cookbook which is still going strong,too. These promotional books haev always been very impressive. It would be great to have one as vintage as yours, although mine seem to be 'vintaging' themselves now, too!

  2. That IS a treasure!! I actually like what is says about homebaked food...and to some extent dont mind my boy eating lots of biccies I have made as opposed to packet ones?? Same difference I suppose but somehow it feels a bit better!!?? Any hoo I'm waffling now..thanks for sharing that might just look it up!!
    Annie x

  3. Oh I LOVE my BeRo book!! mine is a 1970s vintage. It is stained and dog-eared but well used.

  4. My Bero book has been used this morning to make rock cakes , i,ve had mine since i was 18 and I,m an old biddy now , It is so well thumbed--cottonreel
    i,m looking for a post my friend bluebell rang to tell me to look at on your blog Cyprus!