Monday, 20 July 2009

The Peanut Thief

This is Steven, always in the garden stealing the peanut's I put out for the birds.
He is Chester's arch enemy, he sits looking down at him from the trees - and I'm sure he is laughing at him!
Poor old Chester exhausts himself barking at him, Steven just sits there with a cheeky glint in his eye.
It's so funny.
I try to dislike him for his part in wiping out the entire red squirrel community from my area - it's quite hard!!!


  1. I definitely understand, our little Jack Russell (Miki) is always in a hunting world and squirrels are an enemy. How funny dogs of all sizes - my friend here says all squirrels are is a rodent with a furry tail. I love the flower pictures and the vintage pitcher is beautiful. You've been very busy today! And, it looks and sound like you've enjoyed it also. Vicky

  2. He's very cute even with his naughty ways!

  3. I'm a squirrel lover...Steven is adorable! How did he get that name? It's so funny!!
    :o) Paulette

  4. Hi Paulette,
    Steven got his name because, well.... he looks like a Steven!!! :)
    I think I might be a squirrel lover too now.
    Lovely to speak to you.

  5. You know, it is difficult to dislike them when they are this cute.
    So, you name them?
    This is what happens when I name them:
    Oy vey.